Stimulate Cordyceps Mushroom

Ditch caffeine and kill the crash with Cordyceps mushrooms. Cordyceps have been used by Olympic athletes for years to help boost performance. Cassandra used this mushroom to pull herself off of ADHD medications and fight her impending adrenal fatigue. They are the reason that Cognitive Function exists today and one of her most used mushrooms. Use this blend if you are in need of a caffeine replacement, you suffer from adrenal fatigue, or you enjoy a more prolonged natural energy support!

~ Adrenal balancing
~ Nervous system support
~ Lung support
~ Adaptogenic

Kill the crash and create a healthy routine without caffeine! 1-2 dropperful(s) (2ml) up to 3X per day.

Cordyceps Militaris (mushroom fruiting body) extract concentrate, Codonopsis, Milk Oats, Ginger, Schisandra berry, glycerin, *30%-40% organic cane alcohol, water

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