Cordyceps Flame Cider

The hottest product in the Mycospher!

This blend is great for anyone suffering from:

Coughing, congestion, throat aches, candida, flu symptoms, digestive issues, those trying to ditch coffee (can be used as a caffeine substitute)

Cordyceps are a powerhouse adaptogen that aid your body in response to the innumerable sources of stress and fatigue that affect us daily in this fast paced world.

Cordycepin, the principal compound in these prime medicinal mushrooms, helps to optimize cellular respiration, increase oxygen saturation throughout the body, and play a critical role in maintenance of DNA/RNA.

These highly medicinal mushrooms become further bio available with the introduction of acidity- thus, our brainchild Cordy Cider has been born.  

Cordyceps + Flame Cider Blend
Cordyceps have became quite the hot mushroom in the media lately. Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their energetic properties, cordyceps sinensis has been a prized medicinal for centuries. This product in particular utilizes Cordyceps militaris. Grown by a US cultivar that has paved the way in this particular field, William Padilla-Brown.

Cordyceps aid in respiratory support, cordyceps also produce a compound similar to that of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) called cordycepin, this molecule is key for delivering energy to muscles. Having troubles in the bedroom? Cordyceps have also been known to increase libido. Cassandra in particular struggled with chronic fatigue for years, Cordyceps help bring her back to baseline. They hold a special place in our hearts for this reason and will be a front player in our products for years to come.

Flame Cider has been used as an herbal immunity remedy by our ancestors and was more recently documented and published by world renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstone back in 1996. Many make this remedy at home when the fall and winter months start to come around.

Ordered from us before and have experienced a different flavor this time around? Lucky you. We work with farmers local to our area to produce the freshest, closest to the souce product on the market. Having said that, our real organic ingredients can alter in taste. Feel happy knowing your latest CF purchase is jammed packed with the highest


- Energy/ Stamina support

- Aids in physical performance

- Regulates metabolism

- Adaptogenic

- Increases libido

Flame Cider Blend:

- Healthy weight loss, fat loss

- Antibacterial and natural antibiotics

- Supports digestion

- Increase energy levels

- Curbs hunger

- Ginger, garlic and horseradish have extremely strong antibacterial properties

- Onion and garlic contain Allicin (found to reduce inflammation and has antioxidant benefits)

I am a true digestive tonic, meaning I am an intense, sassy blend! My ferment begins in an apple cider vinegar base, I take on the taste of all my added ingredients and am lightly sweetened.

~ Take a shot or a swig (we like 1oz)

~ Throw me into some hot water + lemon + honey and drink me like tea!

~ Use me as a salad dressing! I can be naked or you can follow this recipe:

¼ C of Flame Cider

⅓ C of Olive Oil

1 Clove of garlic

1T Dijon Mustard

1T Reishi Honey

Salt + Pepper to taste

Full spectrum Cordyceps (fruiting bodies + mycelium), *ginger, *garlic, *horseradish, *onion, *turmeric, *lemon, *rosemary, *habanero, *honey, *apple cider vinegar


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