Holy Cao

Mushroom Drinking Chocolate


latin name: theobroma cacao

common name(s): chocolate, cocoa, “food of the gods”

effect: is a stimulating tonic for the body, a soothing balm for the soul.

pharmacology: find sustainable energy in this cacao blend. due to the alkaloids in this plant, it helps improve the nervous system of exhausted humans, improves physical and mental fatigue, stimulates the kidneys and aids in digestion. a cup of chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine & large amounts of theobromine (a vasodilator) that contributes to muscle relaxation and is said to have a positive effect on our moods and alertness.

guiding light: cacao is a divine gift from the heavens, tune into your heart and receive the precious gifts it has to offer.

Ingredients: *Cacao, *Cacao butter, *Lion’s Mane Mushroom, *Reishi Mushroom, Red dates, American Ginseng *Maple syrup, *Coconut milk powder, *Cinnamon, *Ancho chili, *Cayenne pepper, *Organic

Size 8oz

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