Chlorophyll Water: Regenerate - Cognitive Function

Chlorophyll Water: Regenerate

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Because 100mg of Chlorophyll can equal 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula.



Someone walked in today and asked me if my Essentia was full of coffee. Not sure if you know what I’m like off coffee but about 4 hours in you’re gunna wish you hadn’t.

Story for another time…..

What is however in my water today is Chlorophyll. For those of you who spend copious amounts of time around me this is normality. This is a Cas staple and here’s why you should be on this wave too.

Ever curious why plants are that insane green pigment? Chlorophyll is the molecule that attributes to that. It helps to trap the sunlight for photosynthesis.

In short- all of your leafy greens contain chlorophyll this is just another way to get some of the benefits we NEEEEED minus the salad.

Gimme the breakdown…

Balances our pH:

One of my biggest things to preach is pH balance. Our bodies operate most sufficiently when we are adapting an alkaline rich diet. This is not to say don’t go out and get rid of all of your apple cider vinegar and all of your sauerkraut. However alkaline foods do help our bodies with a multitude of things, detoxification, protection of cells, aids in balancing your mineral consumption therefor protecting your bone density and muscle mass, decreases inflammation, has anti- aging benefits, improvement of cardiovascular health, aids in vitamin absorption, and prevents magnesium deficiency to name just a few. 


Chlorophyll has binding properties that aid in the elimination of toxins in our bodies. Typical toxins include: toxic metals, pollution, carcinogens etc. Once our bodies get rid of this excess shit they are able to maintain healthy energy levels, adjust to a more fluid mental clarity, and eventually shed excess weight. Other feedback includes clear skin and a healthier digestion. 

Internal Deodorant:

While chlorophyll is working to detox, your body will also be reaping the benefits of treatment to bad breath, gas,

Candia Albicans:

Recent studies have shown that Chlorophyll may help to aid in elimination of Candia Albicans (otherwise known as a yeast infection). This is due to it's detoxification and antibacterial properties. Give it a try and drop a comment below.

High in Antioxidants:

Free radical prevention, another one of my favorite freaking topics. Peep the article on that here.

The take-away:

Expect to have more regular bowel movements, and feel brighter and lighter when consuming this. Many people have elevated energy levels, feel less fatigue and brain fog. So try and incorporate 100mg to your water when you can and hit me up in the comments on how you're feeling. 

Chlorophyll Water
One of my biggest things to preach is pH balance. Our bodies operate most sufficiently when we are adapting an alkaline rich diet.

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