Reishi Honey


The perfect honey for any application. Our Reishi honey has been dual extracted, we blend our concentrate into local to Washington State, Raw honey. If you love a food as medicine approach, this is a great way to experience Reishi mushroom. 


Honey + Reishi



Ease your body with this smooth and rich Ganoderma concentrated honey.

What are some of the benefits of Honey you ask?

- High Antioxidant

- Aids with digestion and gut health

- Promotes nutrient absorption

- Strengthens the immune system

- Fights your fatigue!



- Supports your immune system

- Aids in physical performance

- Regulates metabolism

- Adaptogenic


How to incorporate me

Our Honey boasts a truly rich honey flavor. It is loaded with propolis, royal jelly & bee pollen to make it a complete raw enzymatic honey.. This blend is unique in the multitude of ways you can utilize it for your body.

~ Melt me into your favorite warm beverages

~ Use me to sweeten

~ Dab me onto a wound or bee sting

~ Use me in your favorite recipes
+roasted veggies

~ Alleviate your allergies by taking a big scoop in the am on an empty tummy!

~ Use me as a face mask



Honey, Reishi

All honey is third party tested to be free of heavy metals and pesticides 

2oz 4oz