Microdosing 101

We will have a discussion around the history of entheogens, the effects of microdosing, dosage amounts, protocols, complementary integration methods and best practices for keeping a healthy routine.
At the end we will hold space for questions and advice with Cassandra.
Tickets are donation based with a minimum suggested of $33, please contribute what feels good to you.
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About the Speaker:
Cassandra Posey is the founder of Cognitive Function. A mushroom wellness company focused on transparent ingredients and helping our community of achieve their wellness goals.
Cassandra grew up like many other Americans, on pharmaceuticals for ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression. She spent 15 years trying to crack the code of alleviating her body of the medications and in 2018, she finally did! Cognitive Function is her result of years of research and development to help others reach their goal of living a more holistic life.